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The certification in detail

Created in 2007, the certification identifies, recognises and promotes French foreign language centres whose language teaching and services present assurances of quality.

The Qualité français langue étrangère certification is the result of a quality assurance approach on the part of three French ministries, namely the Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research, the Ministry for Culture and Communication and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development, all of which are members of the Interministerial Certification Committee that awards the certification.

The decree that created the Qualité français langue étrangère certification was published in the Official Journal on 28 December 2007. The following are the main stages that led to its creation and the changes it has since undergone.

The scope of the certification covers French language training courses, with the exception of teacher and trainer training courses.

The certification scheme is based on a number of founding texts.

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