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Class types

The following types of classes are offered by certified centres.

General French classes will enable you to learn to communicate in everyday situations. The class syllabus is generally designed based on international standards and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) in particular. All centres offer general French classes.

Specialist French classes will enable you to learn to communicate in professional situations or in specific situations and can include classes in legal French, business French, medical French, tourism French, scientific French, secretarial French, etc. These classes are designed to reflect your specific needs.

Higher education preparatory classes are available to those who intend to study through the medium of French, regardless of the field, and are designed to prepare you for taking classes in French with both linguistic and cultural objectives (how a university works, academic writing methodologies, etc.).

'Classes + activities' options combine French classes with one or several linguistic, cultural, artistic, sporting, etc. activities.

French language examination preparatory classes, as their name would suggest, are designed to prepare you to sit French language tests and obtain French language qualifications.

Private classes are also available, giving you the opportunity to benefit from a special syllabus tailored to your needs and expectations.

Junior classes are open to children (6-11 years) and teenagers (12-18 years) and centres providing such classes will have obtained the necessary official authorisations.

Class stays are available to lower and upper secondary pupils accompanied by their teacher(s). The programme is designed to meet the needs and expectations of pupils and to reflect their class project.