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Who awards the Qualité français langue étrangère certification?

The Interministerial Certification Committee awards the certification. The CIEP operates and manages the certification.

You want to learn French in France, but where do you start?

See the Votre séjour en France section for information on visas, grants, etc. and choose a language centre using the search engine. The chosen centre will be able to help you with your preparations.

You are interested in a class or a centre that you have seen on the website but who should you contact?

The CIEP does not take any enrolments or provide any information on the terms governing enrolment at a particular centre. Only the centre in question can answer your questions and accept your enrolment forms. You can use the search engine to navigate the site and find a description of each centre with useful contact details.

What should you do if you would like to sit an examination, a test or another qualification?

Visit the 'Centres et établissement labellisés' (Certified centres and establishments) page. Contact a test centre in France or abroad, your language centre or your nearest French Embassy or Campus France centre for information.

You have sat an examination, a test or another qualification. How do you find out the results?

Contact the centre at which you sat the qualification to find out your results.

You would like to learn French in your own country but what should you do?

You have the option of taking classes through the cultural network of French Institutes and Alliances Françaises abroad. You can also start learning French via the Parlons français, c’est facile ! website.

You live in France and want to take French lessons. Who should you contact?

Check the list of certified centres. Contact the Office français de l'immigration et de l'intégration (French Immigration Office, OFII). If you have signed a contrat d'accueil et d'intégration (Reception and Integration Contract, CAI), the OFII may offer you free classes.

What should you do if you are looking for a grant to study in France?

Check out the 'Étudier en France' (Studying in France) section.

You would like to teach French as a Foreign Language in France. How should you go about it?

Since the CIEP does not offer this type of course at certified centres you will need to contact them directly. If you would like to prepare to take a professional master's degree in FFL check out the list of establishments in France.

What should you do if you would like to host students in your home or have accommodation to rent?

Check out the list of approved centres in your area and contact them directly. You can also select your town or region using the search engine.

Why do centres not offer any training for teachers?

Such teaching courses do not fall within the scope of the Qualité français langue étrangère certification. Centres are not, therefore, allowed to advertise such courses on the website. Some centres do, however, offer this type of course, so feel free to contact them directly.

What should you do if you are not happy with the service(s) or classes offered by the centre at which you are enrolled?

Any user enrolled at a Qualité français langue étrangère certified centre may write to the CIEP.

Are you seeking official recognition of your proficiency in French with a view to applying for naturalisation?

If you do not hold a French qualification (issued by a French establishment) that is at least equivalent to the French brevet des collèges, CAP or BEP, or a DELF B1 (Diplôme élémentaire de langue française), and you are under 65 years of age (if you are over 65 years of age you will need to contact the relevant department at your local prefecture to find out whether or not you are exempt from sitting this test), you can sit the Test de connaissance du français pour l'accès à la nationalité française (TCF-ANF), which will assess your oral and listening skills and enable you to obtain a certificate that is valid for two years. This document is recognised by the prefecture and involves sitting an examination rather than simply completing a form. TCF pour l’accès à la nationalité française sessions are organised by approved TCF examination centres. The centre in question will be able to tell you the dates and costs of the sessions and provide information regarding the terms and time frames for enrolment. Costs will vary depending on the centre. There is a charge for sitting this test.

You can practice online:

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Are you looking for a French centre in a particular town, city or region?

Use the search engine or centre map.