Professionnels Actors in the certification process

Qui sont les acteurs de la labellisation ? Quel est leur rôle ?

Professional groups have committed to a quality-driven approach out of a concern for offering services of an excellent standard. They contribute their expertise in the field and have been consulted from the early stages in the creation of the Qualité français langue étrangère certification. The president of each group is a member of the certification's Advisory Council and actively participates in working groups.

All centres, be they members of a professional group or independent, and regardless of their status (public, private or association-based), can voluntarily sign up to the Qualité français langue étrangère certification process.

The Interministerial Committee meets as and when needed and at least once a year.

The Advisory Council supports the certification procedure, suggesting any modifications of tools, procedures and processes that might be deemed appropriate to the Interministerial Committee.

Auditors have a thorough knowledge and understanding of French as a foreign language centres.

Higher education partners.

FEI is a national public administrative body that reports to the Ministry for National Education. It was appointed by the State in 2004 as the operator of the certification scheme for French as a foreign language centres.