Professional groups

Professional groups have committed to a quality-driven approach out of a concern for offering services of an excellent standard. They contribute their expertise in the field and have been consulted from the early stages in the creation of the Qualité français langue étrangère certification. The president of each group is member of the certification's Advisory Council and actively participates in working groups.



The ADCUEFE - Campus FLE

ADCUEFE Campus FLE is a group of nearly 40 academic centres devoted to the teaching of French and French civilisation for foreigners. Its academic representativeness at national level and its active role on the international stage with regards to student mobility, academic cooperation, the linguistic and cultural offering, ongoing trainer training, etc. make the ADCUEFE a leading partner to public authorities (Ministries for Foreign Affairs - DGCID, Higher Education and Research - DGES, and Culture and Communication - DGLFLF).



The Alliance Française Foundation

The Alliance Française Foundation is the moral and legal benchmark for all Alliances Françaises. When an Alliance is created it seeks recognition from the Foundation, which is required to approve its statutes. When it wishes to expand the Foundation provides advice. When it needs to train its staff the Foundation supports it.


Groupement FLE

Groupement FLE

Groupement FLE is an association comprising 47 French as a foreign language centres spread right across France and aiming to achieve three statutory objectives, namely quality, pooling and promotion. The group will have experienced two highlights this year, namely the professional days held in January, which gave directors the opportunity to find out about and to discuss issues concerning the role of French as a foreign language, and the educational days to be held in November, which are aimed at teachers, both members and non-members, and will seek to provide all concerned with useful classroom management skills and tools. An executive committee meets every three months to verify the dynamics of the guidelines outlined by members and to implement the promotional, institutional and union-based operations that will represent and promote the profession as a whole.




As a professional group of bodies operating in the field of teaching French as a foreign language, SOUFFLE comprises 16 centres that have been selected for the high quality of the classes they offer, their premises, their teaching staff and the services they provide. All of the schools located in France have obtained the official Qualité français langue étrangère certification and all of the schools in the SOUFFLE group apply a common quality charter with a view to ensure the same high level of service quality. The SOUFFLE group is the quality benchmark when it comes to teaching French in France.