Promotion of centres

Obtaining certification gives a centre a new form of visibility.

Once a centre has obtained certification, the CIEP sends an email to the town or city hall of the town or city in which the certified centre is located, as well as to regional and departmental councillors in France, tourist offices and local education authorities.

The centre will also appear on the certification website, which comprises a separate section devoted to members of the public seeking a centre in France at which to learn French and a separate section for professionals. This website was designed by the CIEP in conjunction with a working group comprising members of the CIEP and professional groups. This tool enables the CIEP to target its efforts on greater communication regarding the certification both via the cultural network and among partners and education officers.

The centre will also be listed in the Guide bilingue des centres labellisés (Bilingual Guide to Certified Centres),of which 17,000 copies were printed in 2017. This guide is sent out via the French cultural network to cooperation and cultural action departments, Alliances Françaises, French institutes and cultural centres, Campus France centres, study centres in France, etc. Copies are also circulated to major foreign universities, private agencies promoting language courses abroad and individuals who request them and are distributed at trade shows with a connection to the French-speaking world or promoting French, both in France and abroad.

Every year the Bulletin officiel publishes a list of Qualité français langue étrangère certified centres and a series of diplomatic telegrams are produced to support the circulation of the Guide des centres labellisés (Guide to Certified Centres) abroad.

The CIEP also receives a large number of messages regarding the certification. It responds to these by guiding the student in their search and may forward the request on to all certified centres so that they can suggest any appropriate classes they might offer directly.