Rights and duties

The CIEP is committed to the following:

  • ensuring confidentiality;
  • demonstrating discipline and objectivity;
  • listening to centres right throughout the certification procedure;
  • providing all of the information required for the purposes of conducting the audit;
  • updating tools and ensuring that they are used appropriately;
  • consulting with representatives of certified centres (professional groups) in order to take into account any comments made by centres with regards to tools, procedures, the audit process, etc.;
  • transparency: written procedures and decisions are made public;
  • informing each centre as soon as possible, both verbally and in writing, of any decisions that the Interministerial Certification Committee might have made on it;
  • recruiting auditors based on their expertise in the fields of teaching and managing a centre;
  • managing the ongoing training of auditors;
  • promoting the certification (displaying the logo on the website and all promotional documents).

The centre agrees to the following:

  • to implement a truly quality-driven approach that complies with the Qualité français langue étrangère certification framework and with which all staff members are familiar;
  • to provide both the CIEP and auditors with accurate information;
  • to ensure the smooth running of the audit, from the hosting of the auditors within the various departments concerned to the provision of all of the documents requested;
  • to observe the rules of communication surrounding the certification (cf. terms governing the use of the logo;
  • providing clients and partners with information regarding the certification.