Supporting the quality approach

The FEI offers support to French as a foreign language teaching centres looking to develop a reliable and rigorous quality-driven approach in compiling their applications for Qualité français langue étrangère certification.

You can get in touch with us as soon as you start thinking about applying to check that your application is admissible and that you clearly understand the 96 indicators of the certification framework, how to compile your application and finally how the audit will be structured.

Once a centre has obtained certification it may, should it so wish, benefit from the institutional promotional initiatives undertaken by the FEI for a subscription fee. It may also benefit from monitoring in all of the fields covered by the quality approach.

Certified centres, for their part, agree to provide a guarantee for users that they will uphold the commitments made when the certification was awarded.

In the framework of its role as operator of the certification, the FEI may be contacted by users of certified centres (teachers, learners and service providers) and intervene in the event of a complaint.

For further information please contact

Pierre-Yves Meunier